We want this blog to be a simple, accessible, and fun resource that could serve as an introduction to Anarchism for anyone. We explore some of the basic ideas of Anarchism, address harmful misconceptions, and answer common questions about Anarchy. The goal is not to convince everyone to become an Anarchist, but for everyone to at least understand what Anarchy is and isn’t.


This blog started with Zach learning a lot about Anarchy and realizing that it’s not the chaos, destruction, and terrorism, that he was led to believe. Anarchy is actually exactly the opposite: a vision for a beautiful world of mutual aid, sharing, collaboration, and freedom.

Zach started to confront these stereotypes head on in conversations with friends and family, and went in search of a good resource that could explain what Anarchism really is. But the online resources about Anarchy that he found were mostly either written for existing anarchists, or just pages and pages of articles and books without a clear starting point. There were few clear introductions.

So he started this blog in 2012. Though it started as just Zach, other writers have now joined (either for one article or longer term). There have been some years of inactivity but the goal is to now be publishing regularly.